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Yes, your condominium corporation has insurance but as a condo owner, you need your own.

Why? The roof of the building may be covered for damages, but what’s inside your unit is not - unless you have your own insurance policy to protect your property. Your condominium corporation’s master insurance policy covers the building and common areas. But this policy doesn’t cover your personal belongings - such as furniture, clothing, jewellery, and other valuables - nor will it cover damages to your unit and any upgrades that have been made. In addition, as a condo owner, you may be assessed for damages to common elements or lawsuits against the condo corporation. If you don’t have condo insurance, you will have to pay these costs yourself.

my condo® from Intact Insurance provides up to $500,000 of coverage that includes:

  • Your condo unit
  • Upgrades or improvements made by you or the previous owners
  • Loss assessments, covering your share of damage to common elements
  • Additional living expenses such as accommodation, meals and maintenance fees if your condo is uninhabitable because of a claim
  • Temporary membership to fitness or health club facilities while you live elsewhere
  • All that stuff you keep in your storage locker
  • Worldwide personal liability protection